Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random rant

So I know my eating has been off but not my working out like I said before. I may get off track with eating but I always get back to where I'm supposed to be. I honestly don't think I should deprive myself of anything and get mad for eating "bad food." I know it's not helping my journey of losing weight but I also need to be prepared how to face situations like this when I'm at my ideal weight. The weight will go away but the actual food temptations will not. I don't want to deprive myself now then when I hit goal then allow myself to eat those foods and end up back to where I started. If I eat what I want but in moderation I am preparing myself for the future not saying I'm going to go have pizza, wings, beer and all this stuff all the time in but if an event comes up I won't not go or hate myself for eating a food that isn't fueling me. Moderation is key. No this is not an excuse just getting my thoughts down. I hate when I read blogs saying they did this and that wrong I know I do it sometimes too, and that is why I'm clearing all those thoughts and not getting mad at myself. If you face temptation eat what you want but don't go crazy. Take the smallest piece, take a bite, you only live once. If your husband wants to go on a date or your family wants to go to dinner or lunch don't say no. You only live once go and just make the right choices or if there really isn't anything healthy don't starve yourself just eat the right amount and don't over indulge. If you have been meal planning, counting points, or any other kind of diet you know how much the right amount is. I don't want to look back on life when any of my loved ones have passed away and think wow I wish I would of have gone to lunch or dinner or to that party with or for them instead of depriving myself from "bad" food and not going since I couldn't handle the temptation. If you have a slip up your weight loss is not doomed. Just fix what you did. Work out. Spend an extra 15-20mins on the treadmill, do your workout video twice, or go for a run or walk.

Today I was asked to go to a recognition lunch for work for my sales in the month of September. It was at a restaurant and at first I was upset because I planned my lunch and was ready to get back in the groove with my eating. Then I thought to myself ok... I can handle this I'm going to face all of these same situations when I hit goal so I need to know how to handle it instead of avoiding it. So I went, only had water, and had chicken with brown rice. I was quite proud of myself but that lead me to my topic today. Don't miss out on life because your on a "diet" remember people this is a lifestyle change. You will have times in life where your faced with parties, dinners out, or lunches or whatever life may throw at you. Don't beat yourself up about it, don't not go because you don't want to tempt yourself or "cheat" you won't gain 20lbs from one cookie or a piece of birthday cake your missing out on life. Just go enjoy yourself and enjoy your friends and family make responsible choices. If your going to eat off plan make it a small amount you know it won't happen everyday so it won't make a huge difference on the scale if your dedicated to working out, and eating the right way on non event days. Don't fret and keep your head up.


    1. I really like this. When I first started out, I declined offers to go places because I was afraid to overeat. But how will I ever learn if I don't try? My close friends are having a "Thanksgiving, pt. 2" just with friends, the day after the one with family. And I seriously considered not going because it would be too much food and alcohol. But come on! I don't want to look back at this one day and think "Damn..I wish I had gone."

    2. Don't miss out on life because you're on a "diet"......so very true!

      Thank you for linking up, I really appreciate it.

    3. Yep, got it in one! Fear is at the base of it all though me thinks! That and lack of confidence in self....

    4. Wonderful post, Christina, and I couldn't agree with you more! We definitely should miss out on life just because we're on a diet. Agreed! :)