Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My run was awesome tonight... well the running parts anyway I'm only on week 2 of c25k I'm starting from the very beginning even though we got up to week 6before. It's nice to see that it made a difference for me. Back when we did it the first time I had a hard time doing week 2 as lame as that sounds. Now when it is the running interval part it feels so good and I don't get tired at all. I'm excited to complete this program. I'm awful at staying committed, I have the attention span of a 2 year old when it comes to fitness programs. But I love running and I love hiking and I just need something to hold my interest. I have gone hiking the past two Wednesdays and it feels great. The girl that does it with me wants to work our way up to a harder mountain then try to conquer one up in Flagstaff by next June with our hubbys. Mine has already done it 5times!!. Totally doable. I need to hike it more then once a week though to get good. I ordered slim in 6tonight and I can't wait for it to come. six weeks just sounds so easy to me and its a new workout every two weeks in those six weeks so my workout ADD should be satisfied. So I'll be doing slim in 6, six days a week, running Monday Wednesday and Friday and hiking Monday and Wednesday. I know that sounds like a lot but I hike at 8:30am then come home and run then relax on my days off which are m and w and then at night do the workouts I'm already doing the hiking and running part so throwing in one more 35-45min work out should be good.


So I'm going to try again at this goal thing since I totally blew it last month and see where it takes me.

1. Once slim in 6 comes don't skip any workouts
2. Follow meal plan everyday
3. No alcohol except thanksgiving
4. Keep up with blogging and post more then once a week(it really holds me accountable)
5. No skipping c25k workouts
6. Try to get 8hours of sleep everyday
7. Drink 85-100ounces of water a day and take my vitamins.

Those are easy and will help with this lifestyle change. Now just stay committed I can do this!!! The days will pass regardless if I stick to them or not might as well do it, get to goal, and end up looking good who's with me!!!


    1. These sound very do-able. You can do it, Christina! :)

    2. Your goals look realistic. I love the fact that you are pushing yourself with the hiking and the c25k. Good for you. Have a great weekend! Michele

    3. You go girl! Just thought I'd let you know that after finding your blog, I was inspired to start my own weight loss blog. SO THANK YOU! It's been a hard start but I have a good feeling about the upcoming week. :)

      Check out my site when you get a chance, I can use all the encouragement I can get :)

      Best of Luck!

    4. Goals look good! Glad to see your back! :)

    5. great goals! keep it up :)