Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finally Getting the Hang of it

As many of you may of have read I decided to start weight watchers this week. I was frazzled at first because i could not get the hang of it but I wasn't going to quit like the million other things i have given up on in this blog. I have done pretty well following the points. I was alloted 31 daily and 49weekly. Today I think I did pretty well and got a pretty good bang for my buck with points.

This was breakfast. 13points plus which seems high but give or take a few things and it would be less (obviously)

1/2 cup of egg whites-1pt+
with  1oz of cooked chicken breast-1pt+
1/4cup of shredded fat free cheese-1pt+
topped with 1/4avacado-3pts +
2 pieces of smart vegi bacon-1pt+
1/2cup of grapes-0+
1 double fiber whole wheat english muffin-3pt+
topped with 1tbs of organic jam-1pt+
1cup fat free milk-2pts+

I could of gone without the avocado and made this a 10pt+ meal but I just love it so much!!!
 Anyway moving on so for snack I used 1cup of greek yogurt nonfat plain and used 5slices of apple, strawberries, and some grapes. I work 9-5 so I split this snack up into two to have in the am and pm. Love that fruits are 0 points+!! Yogurt was 3pts+. I forgot to take pic  : (

Then Lunch: 7pt+

It's hard to tell from the pic what was in it but this salad was phenomenal and so easy to make!!! 
2cups raw spinach-0pts+
topped with 3oz chicken breast-3pts+
1/2cup of mushrooms-0 +
1/4cup of non fat shredded cheddar-1pt+
1/2medium tomato sliced up-0+
1/4medium avocado sliced-3pts+
1tbs of balsamic vinegar
Once again would of have been less without the avocado but wanted to use the other part of the half : )
So then the afternoon came around and I had my other part of the yogurt and fruit. Got home and had dinner!

This was so yummy!!
1can progresso soup light beef pot roast-4pts+
1cup milk-2pts+
1whole wheat sandwich thin-2pts+
1tsp mayo-0pts+
2oz of roasted turkey breast lunch meat-2pts+
1/2cup of spinach-0pts+

Total points: 33
Used 2 weekly points have 47remaining

I didn't finish all my yogurt from earlier so I was thinking of having a banana with it. I can't stand the taste of it by itself it's just so bitter!! All in all I think I had a healthy day its easy for me to throw things together since all we have is pretty much healthy food in the house. I feel confident I can make this work as long as I follow the points and don't over indulge. I'm proud of my choices I read other blogs where they eat a lot less for more points! Hope this mini recipes help if anyone is looking to try something new : )

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