Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm pooped!!

I just got home from the gym and I am exhausted!!! I went to a Abs, gluets, and thigh class and it kicked my butt but I like that feeling!! After that I did c25k week 2 day 1 on the treadmill it felt good to run again since I was sick last week. Then after I was done I walked on the treadmill and watched the biggest loser. I have never seen that show before and it seemed pretty interesting I think I may start to record it. So I took a peek at the scale this morning and I was down to 175.0 So I hope that sticks through to the end of the week I guess eating right and working out really can make a differnce. So onto day 5 of my pictures.

5. A picture of your favorite memory

Real picture of our proposal
This day was amazing!! God has blessed me with such an amazing man!!

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  1. aww.. that's so sweet! I love the pic.. and that's great about the weight.. I did that too, and I'm right there with ya hoping it'll keep going to the end of the week.. :)