Friday, January 14, 2011

30 days of pics

So I saw a really cool idea today posted by Stephanie @ She's in there somewhere  its where you post a different picture of yourself or something for the next 30days and each day has a topic. Last time I tried one of these type of things I failed miserably but I am going to try it again so here goes nothin!!!

Day one: Post a picture of  yourself and 15 facts
My wedding day 3/5/10
15 Facts:
1.I'm the only child my parents had together but I have 4 half siblings
2. I have worked for att for 5years
3.I went to nail school completed the program but never got my license
4. When I was a freshman I was in public school then went to a private school for two years and graduated from public school senior year and I blame this on not really having any close friends now
5. My favorite color is pink
6.My wedding colors were pink and orange and yest it looked good
7. I almost married someone else and had last minute feelings for someone else that was about to move and made the choice to give up everything (rental house, car, and engagement, deposits on wedding stuff) to be with him and he ended up being the man of my dreams.
8. I'm a hopeless romantic
9. I love sushi
10. I hate going to the movies
11. I haven't completed one workout program (p90x, slim in 6, power 90) I always give up half way through
12. I'm an irish mexican
13. I don't have any girl best friends
14. I'm terrified of flying even though I used to do it every summer
15. I love mexican food

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