Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm not good at titles

I'm one exhusted lady. I didn't sleep well last night I went to bed at 11 and laid there for over an hour tossing a turning and could not sleep. That is the worst thing! Then tonight I went and did my 30min spin class and the core class for 30mins. Now I'm laying on the couch pooped and feeling kind of snacky for some reason. I'm going to drink some water and grab some strawberries and hope that helps. I'll be in bed soon anyway. I have found two new foods recently that I'm really liking that I wanted to share!!
Technically not a food I guess but this is so delicious I highly recommend it and it's 3pts+ per 8oz
Super Super yummy so creamy and delicious and only 2pts+!!

Onto 30days of pics!
A picture of your biggest insecurity:
I guess this being a blog about weight loss the answer to this is quite obvious. I found these jeans yesterday when I was cleaning the house and my goal is to fit in them by the time I hit 165 sans muffin top.


  1. Both of those foods are my shizz!! Yum! Have both in the fridge right now. Chocoholic all day over here...

  2. ooh~ mousse jell-o looks soooo tempting!! bur i doubt we have those here :( :( :( hope you're feeling not-so exhausted. take a day off to pamper yourself! you deserve it!

  3. Looks like things are going well. My sister is a “spinner” and loves it. I have not trued it, yet, but I do love biking. So maybe I will find the spinner within. Stay strong!