Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finally the scale shows me some mercy!

So my weigh in day is every Sunday, last week I had a gain of .2 which honestly I was fine with that is barely anything and I wasn't 100% on plan. Then this last weigh in I gained another .6 (174.2). It didn't make sense!! I had worked out Monday through Friday and followed my plan by not overdoing it on my points+. I was starting to think I had hit a plateau or something. The next morning I got on the scale and it showed 172.3. It didn't make sense but I was happy to see that I wasn't going crazy!! I have been in between 171 and 172 the past couple of days. I can not wait to hit the 160's!

Sorry I haven't been on to blog I have been here reading everyday at work. I can't comment because of the browser I use, and I don't have to much to post about. I have been staying on plan not overdoing it. Trying to stay away from restaurants as much as possible to save money and it doesn't hurt on the point side either : ) I found a new Zumba class that I go to twice a week in addition to my gym zumba I do on Monday and Thursday. The Thursday Zumba is really awful though. I love fast pace hip hop/ salsa dancing and the lady who does it on Thursday is in slow motion. I don't even know why they call it zumba to be honest and I don't know who I should talk to about it or if they would even do anything about it at the gym. I get irritated when I am there but I go to get in my exercise and one of my friends attends the class with me. I would go to the other zumba class that I recently found outside of the gym but it's $5 a class which isn't much but I figure I should go to the one included in my gym membership then pay $15 a week to go to 3 zumba's. So I'll give it my best. Next week hubs and I are going on vacation we will be home the whole week then gone for the weekend up in a cabin. I'm not to worried about going off of plan I'm going to bring my food scale and you can bring all of your own food so everything should be good to go. I'm hoping to see the 160's by next week! How is everyone doing in their journey?


  1. My scale always varies a few pounds up or down during the day.

    I've wanted to try Zumba, but I'll have to buy a DVD since I live so far from town.

  2. I miss your updates! Glad to catch up with u today!

  3. I love that you're staying on plan even on vacation!