Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another weigh in.

So I usually do my weigh ins on Sundays, I don't really know why but I like that day. This weekend I did it on Friday morning because I knew this weekend wouldn't be the best of eating weekends. So I got on the scale and it said 188.8!!! I was so excited I haven't been under 190 since around Febuary. At the same time I'm a little worried about ruining it. Hubby wanted to do a date night yesterday and then tonight I am going to sushi with mom so I know I'll be retaining a lot of water because of the high sodium so my weight would be off if I would of have weighed myself Sunday. I'm not planning to go crazy but I dont want to be disappointed tomorrow morning. Also on Monday we are going to a bbq at the father in laws I may bring some fish for him to grill but not sure yet. Anyway I didn't do too bad last night. We went and had Mexican food we ordered a quesidilla to share which I probably could of have done without and I had fish tacos but i only had one because I didn't like it at all and a few chips and salsa. We also had frozen yogurt that was delicious by the way! This morning I had my breakfast shake because we were having a  meeting at work, they usually always bring doughnuts so I figured that if I have my shake in the morning I will not have one. Well that backfired, through the course of the day I have already had 2. I don't understand why I don't have any self control. but I'm not going to dwell everyone has an off day and I will work harder in my workout. So tonight my plan is to have sashimi which I don't see being too bad and maybe sharing a roll with my mom at sushi I was going to have some wine but decided I don't need the empty calories after my day and last night. What do you do to recover from falling off the healthy eating wagon?


    1. When my husband and I have an off day in the nutrition aspect we just shrug our shoulders and get back on the next day. Our family knows that we are both doing P90X and when we go to their house for meals they usually end up cooking healthier foods, which is great for everyone! But if I was to go out for sushi I would have a hard time passing up some of my favorite rolls! As Tony says, do your best and forget the rest.

    2. You do have "Self-Control" but every once in awhile he/she takes a quick coffee break. These things long as they don't happen a lot. Right after your "treat" - right back to it. Do your best, forget the rest...I like it.

    3. LOVING that you got below the 190 mark.. congratulations, chic! That's awesome! I can't wait til I can say that too.. And in answer to your question, you basically have to tell yourself that it's okay to do it for that moment, but that it's back to normal once you are done with that meal..

      If you did good up to the bbq (or sushi or whatever you decide to splurge on) and did okay at the bbq (or whatever), I'd say that you were ahead of the game.. I'm sure as long as it's not everyday, your weight shouldn't increase..