Monday, September 20, 2010

Friend Makin' Monday

Kenz @ All The Weigh

Another Friend Makin' Monday!

This week the topic is health and body image.

Health and Body Image

1) If you could magically change one thing about your body, what would it be? I think the obvious answer would be my weight and body shape. I also would like to get rid of the stretch marks I have gained in this lifetime.

2) What is your best physical feature? I always get complimented on my eyes so I'm going to go with that I don't have too much self confidence as of now.

3) Do you weigh yourself daily? Hourly? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Never? I was weighing myself everyday but now I'm going back to once a week. I like the suprise.

4) Do you workout regularly? If so, how does if affect you from day to day? I workout 5-6 times a week about 45mins a day which isn't too bad. Somedays its hard for me to find the motivation to get up and do it but I manage to get it done. It takes up a lot of my life because all I do is work, workout, and have dinner.

5) What is the healthiest thing you do for yourself on a regular basis? I think a lot of things I do are healthy.  I work out 5-days a week, I drink water only all day everyday, and I also am following a meal plan with little processed foods and no soda or alcohol (most days on the booze part)

6) If you could look like a celebrity, who would you choose to look like? I would want to look like Katherine Hiegel (sp) I think she is so pretty and has a perfect body.

7) What do you do to make yourself feel pretty/handsome? Get my hair and nails done or wear a dress

8) What are you most attracted to in the opposite sex? I'm a sucker for nice smile and eyes with scruffy look.

9) Have you ever avoided situations because you didn't want people to see your body shape?Yes! I have gained A LOT of weight since highschool and most of friends haven't. Whenever I get invited to parties and stuff I always decline because I don't want people to see. Or if a family function comes up and there are people who I haven't seen in a while I get so embarrassed.

10) How do you feel about your overall appearance? I think I'm attractive but I have a long way to go

Now it's your turn to tell us a little about how you view yourself. Don't forget to add your link on the above list under the fmm pic, so we know to check out your post! Thanks for being a part of Friend Makin' Monday!

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    1. Great blog. I just found you today. I love quiz things. I'm definately going to bookmark and save this for later. If i wasn't still mad at katherine heigel for leaving greys anatomy i would probably love her more.