Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another Blog hop!

Another blog hop!! This one is fun and a good way to get to know everyone! If you want to join go Here!
I like...Lazy days at home with my hubby and dogs

I don't like...when people but the toilet paper on backwards

I love...Jesus

I dream of...being a homemaker and raising a family

I long it will take for me to hit my weight loss goal

I know...that I have to learn how to talk about why I'm mad instead of shutting down

I New Orleans in May and will probably never go again. (Not my kind of place)

I amazing husband and family

I think...nothing can hold me back from hitting my goal

I plan... to lose 50lbs by next June

I regret... not going to college after highschool and not getting my nail tech license
after nail school

I do... want to pay off all of my debt

I drink... water all the time but wish I had other options on my diet

I wish... I didn't have to work

I am... a woman, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend

I am not... where I want to be in my life with my body

I need... to not give up and stick to my goals

I hope...that this time it all pays off

I want... to be sitting at home with my hubby either swimming in our pool with a booze drink or on our couch watching greys anatomy.

I sometimes... dont give myself enough credit

I always... put others before my

I can... cook really well if I apply myself

I retail at a cell phone store

I cannot.. keep putting things off until the last minute

I avoid... arguments because I hate to argue

I will... not give up


    1. You sound like my husband about the toilet paper :-)

    2. I love the fact that your dream is the same thing as mine.. All I want to be in life is someones mom and wife.. and I get strange looks sometimes when I say that.. :)

      And I agree about the toilet paper thing too..