Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yes I'm still here!

So It's been a week since I actually made a real post and not to much has happend. On Monday we went to hubby's dads bbq and I think I did ok. Had some ribs, potato salad and fresh fruit with some reisling. Then for dessert which I could of have done without, we had a small brownie with ice cream. The kind that comes in a small cup with a wooden spoon. We spent the majority of the day in the pool and was too exhausted to work out when we got home. So once again two days in row skipped. I went and weighed in for the biggest loser challenge on Wednesday after school. I was bummed though because I weighed in for the contest and it was 9 at night so the reading wsn't accurate and I was embarrased to have someone else see my weight besides hubby and you guys : )

I really wanted to be a 185lbs by tomorrow but I don't think that's going to happen I got on the scale this morning and it was 188.0lbs boo. Earlier this week it was 187.7 but that's the lowest I got. It's still a loss but normally I lose about 2 a week and this wasn't even a full 1. I guess I'm getting greedy. I decided that Saturday's are my days off from working out. They are always too busy to try to fit something in. It's also a day where I eat a little junk food. I don't want it to call it a "cheat" day because I don't consider what I'm doing a diet it's a lifestyle change. Just a day where I don't make the healthiest of choices. The weather is getting a little bit nicer here in Az I can't wait to start running. I'm ready to finish c25k! Hubby ran with me before but now he isn't sure he wants to anymore because he is trying everything to gain weight and running will help him lose. I considered doing it on a treadmill but I like to do it outside especially since I want to run in an actual 5k. He's the only one I want to run with I hope he changes his mind. On Tuesday we take our 30day pics I'll post them up So you guys can see my progress if any : )


    1. Do you officially weigh yourself on Monday mornings? Can't wait to see how it goes! Good luck! :)

    2. I found the best time to weigh myself is first thing in the morning, before i eat or drink anything- our weight tends to be the lowest at the time.

    3. yah that's when I always weigh myself