Monday, September 20, 2010

It was a long weekend

My life has been pretty uneventful lately. My daily routine is get up make breakfast, lunch, and two snacks for work,then go to work come home, work out, then make dinner, watch tv then go to bed. Everyday is the same unless I'm off of work then I go to school. It's time for a change but I have no idea where to start. Anyway I'm a little disappointed in my morning weigh in. Last Thursday when I weighed in I was at 186.8 then today 4days later I am at 186.7 I lost .1lb. Does that even count as a loss??? So I am going back to once a week weigh ins instead of everyday. Monday is the new day to weigh in since its a start to a new week. I don't understand why the scale hasn't moved at all. I have been eating right and working out the days I am supposed to and still nothing. I am going to try to change it up a bit to see if I can get some results. Granted this is my first time without a loss and I didn't even go the full week, but still. Lately when I get home from work I work out then eat dinner, which would have me eating dinner around 9-9:30, I usually don't go to bed until midnight anyway so I do have enough digestion time in there but I still think its too late. So this week I am going to try to eat first when I get home then workout after my food has settled of course. I think that may help. I just really want to get to this first 10lb loss mark and I know I can do it and I'm almost there.

I also want to start running again it has finally started to cool down in Az a bit and I'm ready to get back into C25K again. I think the added cardio will for sure help me lose some lbs. The only thing is that I like to run in the evening because I hate getting up early so that's not an option, but that means running in the dark by myself. My hubby doesn't want to run because he is trying to add on lbs with muscle and he is the type that any type of cardio makes him lose weight (men have it so easy!) So I'm kind of at a loss because I am a big fradey cat and wont run alone at night. Maybe I should just suck it up and do it in the am. I really want to run in a 5k and add that to my list of accomplishments in my weight loss journey. Any suggestions?

Do any of you enjoy running and if so do you ever do it alone?


    1. Maybe you gained muscle and that explains the number. Or it could be the sodium thing. I know how you feel with the number not being where you KNOW it should be! Just stay focused and do not let it throw you off.
      So about the running.... do you have a friend with a treadmill or the possibility of going to a gym or something? Or maybe a friend who lives in an apartment that has a workout facility? Or how about your school... can you work out there?

    2. I have a love/hate relationship with running. Most of the time I hate the time during the run. But then I love, love, love how I feel afterwards. DH is a runner, too, but he's taller and can run much faster than me. There are occassions when he slows down to my pace and we run together, but 99% of the time I run alone.

    3. What Bethany said makes sense. If you are gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time, then the scale wont budge a bit. It's how many inches you loose that counts.

      My husband and I ran a half marathon together and I ran a marathon alone. I think it's fine to run alone but I had a rule. NEVER listen to music when you're running so you can hear people, cars and dogs around you. Got to stay safe!