Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My food!!

I love to read blogs that show what they eat it helps give me new ideas on different meals to make here is what I ate yesterday!!!
1Egg with 2/3cup egg whites with mushroom, broccoli, spinach and turkey lunch meat topped with ff cheddar cheese and salsa. I also had a light english muffin topped with walden farms fruit spread.

Kinda looks like a smiley face 11pts+

I had a iced coffe with 1tbs creamer and 1tsp of sugar for 1pt+

my cat being lazy in the background

That pretty much lasted me a few hours. I also had a snack of a banana but forgot to take a pic

Then it was lunch time!!! I made a morningstar veggie patty and topped it with cheese and mustard on natures own whole wheat bread and had 3tbs of black beans and 3tbs of ff cottage cheese on the side


then I had a super yummy dinner! I made ground turkey since it was about to go bad but wasn't sure what to do with it. Hubby suggested to make a taco but I wanted something crunchier. So I decided to make a tostada. This was the most delicious dinner I have made in so long!!!
1Corn Tortilla
2oz ground turkey
1/4cup sargento mexican blend cheese reduced fat
steamed squash and zuchinni and some grape tomato

I almost forgot to take a pic

I ended up with 4pts+ left but didn't realize this until around 10 and didn't want to eat anything else so late.

I have been having a hard time getting veggies and fruits in so steaming stuff makes it really easy.  I don't eat a lot of fruits because of the sugar/carbs so I have been leaning more towards the greans : )

What have you been eating lately?

(like these kind of posts? let me know I can do it again!)

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