Wednesday, November 9, 2011

catch up

If you follow me on my twitter page you may already know this but last night me my hubby and a friend of ours decided to head out for a run around 7ish. It was around 50degrees! It has been a while since we have run outside but it felt awesome! We did 2.27miles in 29.47 mins. Not horrible but could be better. I felt really good doing it but I did get a side stich once and I had to stop. If I would burp it would go away it was weird. I am going to head to the gym tonight to do some weight training then we are headed out for another run tonight. It was a lot warmer today so that should help a little bit!

I have been super hungry today I don't know if it is from the running or not but I feel like I can't get full even when I have a good protein packed meal. Do you ever have those kind of days?

I didn't post my weigh in from Monday but I pretty much got back up to what I started at from day one but today I was back down to 168.0 so I'm looking forward to what next weigh in will be. We don't have anything planned that can throw us off of eating right and saturday is a girls night but at someones house so its easy to eat well at stuff like that.

We are trying not to drink any alcohol until thanksgiving time or later to help keep calories in check. Its just not worth the points either we have been eating farily "clean" lately and not eating a lot of packaged stuff so hopefully that makes a difference on the scale on Monday. I'm still striving for my goal by thanksgiving it doesn't seem too possible but I am doing my best. As long as I am out of the 160's by Dec 1st I will be happy!!!

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