Monday, November 7, 2011

FMM: Dating

1. What is your current relationship status? (Be as specific as you’d like to be!) I am happily married to the most amazing guy!!!!

2. List a few qualities that you look for in a significant other… honesty, faithfullness, faith in God, and is romantic
3. If you could choose to date one character in TV or film, who would you choose? And which characteristics are most appealing? Don't mean to be cliche but I would love to date edward cullen from the twilight series because he is so faithful to the one he loves or Jacob Black because he also is faithful to the one he loves and that body is unbelievable

4. How long should you date before becoming exclusive? It's hard to say I never really did dating when I found someone that interested me I really would only talk with them I never ran into any problems with that but I think it depends on the person and the relationship

5. What are your thoughts on public displays of affection? I think its ok to hold hands a nice kiss maybe a pat on the butt every once and a while but there are limits nobody wants to see soft core porn in public lol

6. Do you kiss on the first date? Probably

7. Biggest turn-off? lazy unmovtitated hairy guys lol

8. What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? I don't really know I like 5'o clock shadow dark hair guys with pretty eyes and a nice smile... (Ironic how my hubby is blond ps lol)

9. How long do you/did you wait before becoming intimate? depends on the relationship

10. Describe your dream date. I would like something romantic and spur of the moment where hubby brings me flowers tells me to get ready for somewhere nice, we get picked up by a limo and go to a restaurant that has a view over the whole city, we then go on a gondola ride downtown and come home and have wine with strawberries and slow dancing to jazz then take a candelight bubble bath followed by u know ; )... ( too much lol )

Now its your turn!!!!

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  1. Love your answers.....and totally agree on #7. #10 sounds awesome too! =0)