Saturday, November 12, 2011

I have never been good at titles

So I have been on plan since Monday with eating and I have worked out every day except Monday I was feeling lazy lol. I ran outside on Tuesday, did a weight workout Wednesday followed by running outside again and Thursday I did 45min on the elliptical and yesterday I did a weight training routine and 15min intervals on the treadmill. I haven't seen the scale move too much which is a little weird to me but I still have two days till weigh in. I should honestly be happy with what I have been seeing it's more then a pound but still I guess I'm just greedy. I'm just ready to get out of the 160's and I still have like 8lbs to go : ( I recently started birth control pills so I don't know if that is slowing it down a bit but at least it's not going up.

Have any of you had any issues with bc affecting your weight loss?

Tonight I am going to hang out with some girlfriends and watch some twilight I'm planning on eating dinner at work before I go so I won't have to worry about what to eat but I won't be able to get a workout in since I work 8-7 : ( Then tomorrow we are going to go running again!

Hopefully I can stay on track with working out and eating for more then one week at a time. I know that all it takes is dedication to get the results you want (funny how that works huh) so I'm going to try and treat every week the same as this week!

My gym started zumba finally so I hope I have some exciting news about that. More to come after I go Tuesday!

Have an awesome weekend everyone! and if you feel any temptation this weekend just think of the gratification you will get down the road for sticking to plan and not the instant gratification you will get by eating some random food!!!!!

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  1. We missed you tonight. Sorry you had to work poopy hours....