Wednesday, November 9, 2011

another day of eats!!!

I really like taking pics of my food I feel that it really helps to keep me accountable of what I eat!
Here is yesterday's bfast
1cup of ff milk
2slices of nature's own bread with 1.5oz of ham and 1hard boiled egg with a slice of cheese and 1tbs of reduced fat mayo with olive oil and a side of grape tomatos


Lunch was another tostada I seriously love these things right now and they are so fast to make!
1corn tortilla cooked in 1tsp of evolive oil
with 2oz of lean ground turkey
1/4cup of ff cheddar cheese
topped with salsa
and dry cole slaw mix topped with walden farms coleslaw sauce


Then I had a super amazing dinner it was so yummy!!! 4oz shirataki fettucini pasta with 3oz grilled chicken and 1/4 cup walden farms alfredo sauce 1 quarter of a steamed acorn squash and a glass of milk!

Not pictured for the day was a banana, a string cheese, and a vitatop that I had

I ended up with 1pt+ left for the day but couldn't think of anything to eat!

Be careful with acorn squash by the way! I was trying to cut it open and my knife slipped and it cut my finger! it hurt so bad

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  1. I had an acorn squash today too. They are fairly easy to cut until you get to the stem and then I had a lot of trouble. It was good though.