Thursday, November 10, 2011

good workout and to do or not to do insanity!

so I went to the gym tonight to do some cardio since last night was my weight training night and I did about 45 min on the elliptical it was only me and one other lady there which was nice and I got to watch one of my fave shows while I worked out so that made the time go by even faster. I was pretty tired today and of course almost talked my self out of going but I knew that that wouldn't get me anywhere so I went and I was happy with my results!

Not sure how accurate that is but it was an awesome workout!! Its hard to get there sometimes but you never regret going!!

and this is me after. Excuse my ugo face lol I was semi not ready even though I took it of myself lol. When I left I was the only one there which is a little scary but I always call my hubby who is less then a min away just in case!

Tomorrow I have the option to go running after work or do my weight training again but not 100% sure of what I should do any suggestions?? : ) Saturday I have to skip since I work 8-7 and have plans immediately after work then back at it on Sunday.

My friend I am seeing sat night is bringing me insanity. I think I may incorporate that a little bit into my workout schedule and go at it all the way starting dec 1st or jan1st depending at what weight I end up at the end of the month but either way I am super excited/nervous!

Have you done insanity before?


  1. Awesome job! Keep up the hard work, looking good!

  2. Im curious but so far Im not insane,errr, havent tried insanity :)


  3. Not sure what "insanity" might be. :)

  4. I found your blog though another, how strange. We both are doing WWer's without the meetings, both 5'6 I started my blog at 199 pounds and I am now at 135, it took me a year and I have been at goal a year. You are about 25 years younger though :(

    Wanna trade ages??? LOL ;)

    LOL ;)