Monday, June 6, 2011

Recipe idea help and other randomstuff!

Well hubby and I didn't go to Jerome for the day kind of bummed about it but also happy because I am super exhausted. Day 3 of boot camp is in the books and I almost didn't go. I had a hard time sleeping last night and was exhausted this morning when I got up. I had an argument with myself in my head basically going back and forth on whether I should go back to bed or not. I almost talked myself into it but decided I only have to go for an hour and I can come home and go back to bed if I want. Today's camp was brutal. I don't know if it was a combo of being tired and it being hard or if it was just hard. We did so many lunges, push ups, mountain climber things, planks and finished it off with running. I was dripping in sweat and actually felt sick to my stomach but felt good none the less. I came home took a shower and of course couldn't fall back asleep lol

I went and had my dress resized from this post and the lady said that she was going to take it in pretty much 4 inches all over. Based on my last measurements from Jan I had to order that dress in a 14 and I asked the lady today what size would I be now, and she said a "good 10"! I can't believe I pretty much have lost 4 dress sizes since Jan! I'm almost to the single digits so exciting! So I'm looking forward to seeing how the dress fits when I get it back I'll post the before and afters. I feel super focused right now especially since my goal isn't too far away. I'm already past the half way point with no looking back!

The other day I watched the hungry girl show on the food network. I honestly didn't care for it too much but there was  recipe that she made that I liked. It was a pizza themed show and she used a tortilla as the crust so I tried the same concept today with my own toppings and came up with this.


It's a whole wheat tortilla with 1/4 cup of pasta sauce, 1 mozzarella string cheese, 8slices of turkey pepperoni and spinach. I baked it at 350 for about 5mins until the cheese melted. I think it could of have gone a little longer cuz it was kind of flimsy but it was amazing!!! If I am ever craving pizza I will just turn to this instead of high point reg pizza.

Last thing sorry this is a dragging post lol does anyone have any low point or low cal recipes for whole wheat gnocchi? I love the soup at the olive garden and would love to make something similar or even use it a different way but on ww there were only 3recipes and they didn't appeal to me. I haven't really looked online figured I could turn to you guys first!! Thanks in advance if you have any!!!

and for your viewing pleasure here is a pic of me and hubs from yesterday lol
isn't he the cutest!

How was everyone's weekend???


  1. i love tortilla pizzas. I like them much better made with pitas though- they stand up to the sauce much better.

  2. I saw that episode too, and I made a tortilla pizza. But mine didn't look as good as yours lol