Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What a weekend!

So I just had the last four days off and they may have been the busiest four days off I have had in a long time! If you remember I was in a wedding that just happened on Monday and also attended a wedding on Saturday. This weekend was all the before wedding stuff and it was so so busy. Sat morning I went and got my nails done with the bridal party and the bride hosted a bridal luncheon. After that went home got ready and headed out to a friends wedding. Sunday we had three dads house's to visit and also had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for the Monday wedding. Then Monday came and we of course had the wedding which is an all day thing. Yesterday was a lazy day and I didn't do much breakfast was a normal meal lunch I skipped since I had a late breakfast and dinner we had pizza : ( .Needless to say there was pretty much no way to be on plan at all this weekend well besides yesterday of course. Now I'm not saying I went crazy or anything. I still made good choices with the options that were presented to me but that is not saying the options were good ones. Normally today is my weigh in day but I don't want to step on the scale for at least a week so that way my body can readjust and get rid of all the sodium it endured over the weekend so I'll be back to my normal weigh in next week. I may have gained a pound or two but I know its not anything super signifigant but my pants are a little tighter today I'm waiting for a good bowel movement lol sorry tmi : (

The nice thing is that we don't have any events coming up for at least a month that would put me off plan so my husband and I are really going to work hard this next month. I also resigned my boot camp membership so I finish my first round this friday I'm not 100% sure when the next round starts. I used groupon to find it originally then they sent me a link if I wanted to keep doing it for $80 a month no contract instead of the $199 per month 1year contract. I figured I'm semi close to hitting my goal and this will help get me there, well as long as I go that is. I skipped twice last week. One day I woke up and could barely move my left arm my shoulder hurt so bad and I knew weight lifting could only make it worse. Then Monday I skipped because I woke up around 3am and almost puked randomly and I didn't want to push it and I felt nauseated the rest of the day I don't know what caused it but I am back to normal now. I got in some good activity from the weddings though which was nice my hubby and I like to dance! Here are a few pics from the weekend. Sorry for the black boxes they are screen shots from my phone.

all the bridesmaids (Jordin Sparks was one of the bridesmaids)
me and my hubby
with the bride from saturday's wedding
me and hubs again from Monday's wedding
from Saturday's wedding again (excuse the constipated look I have lol)
with the bride and Jordin from Monday's wedding

I'm glad to be back in my routine again. That always helps me stay on track. This week I'm going to try to do a workout everyday and also follow the healthy guidelines that way if any excess weight was put on it will come off : ) This morning I did bootcamp and I am thinking about doing kickboxing tonight. Then tomorrow Zumba dance game and Friday back to bootcamp again. How was everyones weekend?? I have so many blogs to catch up on!

Coming up: Info on plank challenge let me know if you would be interested if you haven't yet!!!


  1. I guess my comment never posted on your last post...I have no idea what the plank challenge is. That is SO cool that Jordin Sparks was in the bridal party! Did she sing at the reception?

  2. Tay: a plank challenge is just trying to hold a plank as long as you can with a goal of reaching 5 mins! Jordin did sing at the reception she actually sang their first dance song it was super cute