Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First day of bootcamp!

Well I did it! I attended my first day of bootcamp class! I have to admit it was a little harder then what I expected! I am not a fan of a burpee or a turkish get up lol. I thought it would be harder for me to wake up at 5 to be there on time and it wasn't maybe it was because I was excited to be there or something lol. I think this class will definitely make a difference in my body and I am determined to be at 160 by the end of June. Speaking of that here are my June goals!!

1. Be at 160 by June 30th
2. Do not miss one Boot camp class
3. Stay within point range and even count when going out to best of my ability
4. Workout on days I do not have bootcamp but allow one day for rest
5. Finish a book
6. Do a daily devotional with my hubby
7. Try at least one new ww recipe per week

Kind of a lot of goals but I honestly think they are fairly easy goals to accomplish. I know I have said it a million times but I need to get out of the 160's. I don't think I have plateaued I just think I'm fairly comfy where I am at which I need to get out of that mindset. I have lost 30lbs so far and I only have 20 to go I know I can do it. I just need to be more determined and not so flexible with my eating style. I'm on my monthly time now and for some reason I get lazy during that time and never want to cook and it ends up snowballing. For example last night we went out to dinner and went and had frozen yogurt. I just wasn't feeling good and didn't want to cook even though I had plenty of food at home. I faced the music this morning and changed my weigh in day back to Wednesday. I needed a fresh start for June 1st and Friday didn't fit my lifestyle, it seemed and ever since I changed it I never saw a loss. So I weighed in today at 167.4 and got all my points back as far as weeklys go.

I don't mean to seem flakey as far as changing my weigh in but I need to have the day best for me and that will help me get to my goal faster. I am looking forward to my results after the boot camp and I may throw in a few insanity workouts in the evening. My friend has it and is going to let me borrow it! I'm also thinking of buying that zumba game for kinect since my work schedule doesn't let me get to the actual class that is offered at 630. I'll be taking measurements and pics tonight for my pre bootcamp stuff. I don't assume one day of boot camp will skew the results!! Can't wait to read everyone's goals for the month!


  1. THanks for following my blog! I'm following you now too!

  2. Good job on the bootcamp! theres not one near me or id join

  3. Great goals and thanks for leading me to YOU! I love ALL your kitchen gadgets I use most of them myself Very often. Your goal is attainable and you look AMAZING. Trying to get to 165 June 30..LEts GO!