Saturday, June 4, 2011


Not to much planned for today I was going to do zumba this morning but decided to take a nap instead. Bad choice on my part but I'm super happy with the number I saw on the scale this morning I hope it sticks through the weekend. Like I mentioned before I have a few obstacles coming up this weekend. Tonight shouldn't be to bad I told my family I want to eat healthy so my mom and I are having grilled chicken, with black beans, cottage cheese and fruit. I can't wait actually it sounds delicious. Tomorrow on the other hand is a sushi lunch movie theater, then dinner at a mongolian grill place but you make your own bowels which is nice. Sodium hates me though and I'm sure they both will be full of it.

I bought the ww 15min recipe mag today

looking forward to trying out a few new recipes!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend make healthy choices!!!

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  1. Hi Christina! I found your blog from I recently re-committed to Weight Watchers and look forward to finding inspiration from your success. Please check out my blog!