Sunday, June 12, 2011

Its been a few days

I haven't written in a few days not too much to say. I have been trying to stick to plan as best as possible. I went to an awards lunch on Thursday at a bbq place and had chicken a bit of coleslaw a piece of cornbread and some french fries then Friday was the bachelorette party we went to cheesecake factory and I had a turkey burger and water but also splurged on some french fries. I did however pass on the cheesecake. Let me tell you that was one hard decision. All the girls ordered a piece but me but I knew that it was just food and once I ate it I would not be happy with it but when I saw them eating it I really wanted some but held back lol. Then Saturday came and I was right back on plan!! I haven't been as active lately besides my bootcamp. I ordered the zumba game for my kinect so I'm looking forward to having that at home!! This week should be good for eating. Up until the weekend lol saturday I'm going to a bridal luncheon then a wedding in the evening and another wedding the monday after. But with all the wedding food comes a lot of dancing!! I'm going to try to add in some more cardio this week so my weigh in isn't hurt to bad!!! This weekends kill me sometimes! What do you do to make it through the weekends?

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