Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weigh in Wedneday

 *This should of posted yesterday but blogger was acting up last night*
Well its another wednesday so another weigh in! I think all the crap from last weekend caught up to me : (

Two weeks ago: 166.0lbs

This weeks weigh in: 167.8

Another gain of 1.8lbs

So obviously I have slacked a bit. and my poor choices have caught up with me. It has to be from last weekend because I have been eating well all week. So I know next week will for sure be better. I'm disappointed but my choices from the previous weekend couldn't be avoided but I know what to do to get it down. The funny thing is I went to the gym the other night and I had bought some new workout pants since non of mine fit and they were size small and when I saw my reflection I thought "wow, I look skinny" I haven't thought or felt that at all in a long time! Then I get mad when I see the number on the scale so I'm completely thrown off right now so we will see what happens next week with being on plan and working out more.

I went to bootcamp this morning and it was awesome. I almost talked myself out of it because I was tired but I had the day off so I told myself I can sleep when I get home so I went and it was great! Gave me a lot of energy and I really tried hard this time instead of kind of slacking like my last round. They are offering a make up class since the instructor didnt show up monday next saturday and monday's class is being postponed till Tuesday so I'll be doing it tuesday wednesday friday saturday next week. It's gunna be a crazy week!
Since hubby and I were off we just hung out at home and did some swimming. Then around 745ish we did p90x's ab ripper x. He wants to start doing that 3x's a week so I'm going to try my best to start doing it with him. There really is no reason not to it's only about 10mins long and I can do it day's I have bootcamp. Then we headed off to the gym. I did 15min on the elliptical, 15min on the stair climber and 15min running on the treadmill. I was drenched in sweat but it felt so good I'm really glad I went. I'm really trying this week. I know if I stick to plan and get in activity I will lose weight. I only have 20lbs to go and I need to just apply myself and stop lolligaging. I have set a new goal for October 15th and added a ticker on the side to help with motivation!

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