Monday, June 27, 2011

Plank Challenge Day one!!!

So today is day one of the plank challenge. All you have to do is do a plank either on your forearms or palms. Time yourself and see how long then just leave a comment with your time. The goal is to work up to five mins! If anyone could/wants to make me a button I would definetly appreciate it cuz I can not figure it out : ( A plank is one of the best core exercises you can do but its a hard one!!

If your unsure of what a plank is or how to do it click here!!!
can't wait to see all of your times!!!


  1. 1 min 6 seconds....not quite at that 5 minutes yet....

  2. I just did 1min not recommend drinking a big glass of water right before you plank....felt like puking but I did better then I thought!

    Jess from