Monday, April 2, 2012

All I can say is woah!!

Today was day one of Insanity and it was so hard. It was only the fit test and it kicked me and my hubbys butt!!! At the same time though I am super excited to see where it takes us. My husband is pretty fit and he had to have me hit pause to catch his breath a few times. Here are our before pics!

I don't know why my hair always looks terrible lol

So as you can see I weighed in at 172.4 boo I have sucked so bad we were so lazy and just kept saying oh well insanity is starting monday. Its crazy how we can go from eating bad to all of a sudden being back on plan 100% like its no big deal.

Day 1 Stats
Left bi: 12inch
Right bi: 13inch (not sure why they are an inch apart lol )
Waist: 39.5
Hips: 40.25
Right thigh: 22.75
Left thigh: 23.5
Chest: 32.5

I am doing the challenge with three other girls and can't wait to see all of their results!!!


  1. Sounds like a great group activity! Good luck!

  2. Insanity is tough but good luck on you all journey.

  3. Sounds insane! You sound ready to give this challenge your all and I am sure you will get the results that you want. It won't be easy but it will be worth it! How great is it that your husband is working out with you! You guys will get mean and lean together.

  4. Hi Christina:

    I found your blog and I look forward to seeing how Insanity goes for you; it looks scary and fun. Started my own blog yesterday in the hope that I can reach some of my goals, including a weight one.


  5. I just started Insanity as well. The Fitness Test killed me too! I couldn't catch or nor catch my breath at that! It's super hardcore but I can tell it'll be the most effective thing for me. I look forward to seeing your results.

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