Wednesday, April 18, 2012

That sh*t is bananas!!!

One of my fave quotes from shaun t! He is absolutely correct when he says it to! Insanity is no joke! Sorry if you are getting tired of hearing about my insanity workouts but I seriously love them and wish that everyone would at least try it and get outside your comfort zone.

Tomorrow is the cardio recovery where its just a bunch of stretching and that is so boring to me! I love how fast paced it is and how I am utterly exhausted at the end.

I'm thinking of some new topics to post on was thinking of doing a daily meal log to give people some ideas maybe start doing a pinterest recipe review each week and a my fave kitchen gadgets post... do you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on my bloggy?

Tomorrow they should start the pebbleing process in the pool and be filling by the weekend can't wait to see the final turnout!!! Hubby said he wants to get some barefoot champange to celebrate with while we soak in the hot tub but I haven't decided yet.... decisions decisions...


  1. Also my favorite quote! I crack up, while gasping for air :) We have cardio recovery today, much needed and very welcomed! :)

    1. Yah no kidding! It makes me feel better that he says it too and that I'm not just utterly exhausted from being out of shape lol