Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A smorgishboard post (lots of pics)

So this post is a combination of all the random things going on in my life as of now lol Insanity is awesome as always Hubby and I did our fit test again yesterday and I think it went pretty well
                                          Day 1                Fit test 2

Switch Kick:                       45                        45
Power Jacks                        38                        47
Power Knees                       73                        93
Power Jumps                      17                        19
Globe Jumps                       4                           6
Suicide Jumps                     9                          11
Pushup Jacks                       1                          1
plank oblique                      19                        38

So almost everything went up except for the pushup jacks those are so damn hard!!!
I also got this today

I can't wait to get the one from beachbody after finishing the program! We are on day 16 of the challenge only 43left to go! I still love it, it literally takes me to the point of exhaustion and to the point where I want to do the workout but my body will not move anymore love it!!

Hubby and I are also getting our pool remodeled when we moved in the pool was pretty much falling apart the plaster was chipping really bad and our spa didn't have a heater lol we have been here two years and have been wanting to have it remodeled but never wanted to pay to have it fixed since its been so expensive but we finally bit the bullet and went with a small biz owner that hubby knew and we got a reasonable price
Here are some before and progress pics
our steps completely chipping away
in the emptying process
standing in the deep end (10ft deep)
All the insides chipped out

They will be finishing up and start the expensive, filling up process Friday if everything goes right! I'll make sure to post the after pics! Do you have a pool? I also told hubby having this being done also is a motivating factor for me because I want to have friends over and not think twice about how I look in a bikini and I want to be able to enjoy myself and feel good about my body and not look like this in the pool
the one on the left not on the right even though I don't like either
that was taken in my pool two years ago blah I look awful! The one on the right was last may still don't want to even be like that either!

 I orderd two new bathing suits for this summer
matching bottoms as well
and a plain yellow one also I ordered two new pairs of shorts
ordered size 9 in hopes they fit here pretty soon 
I decided to do a different color but something that will look cute : )

Also some more random stuff
Have any of you heard of elf? Eyes lips and face its a website with inexpensive make up and I just did a big order from them heres what I got!

most of thier stuff is like $1-$3 but they work really well I have never not liked something I got from them

Then today I bought some new shoes

it was buy one get one half off at payless so these were a really good deal! No I have not fallen off the deep end I just needed some good retail therapy and a little motivation to push me along the way I have so many winter things but living in az I needed to add some new stuff to the mix! Have you had any major shopping sprees lately?
Thanks for hanging in there if you made it to this point!



  1. Cute shoes!!!
    Sounds like you are doing great :)

  2. Great numbers....that is major improvement....Congrats.

  3. heyy, i saw you used turbo fire. i've been thinking about starting it, did you think it was a good workout? i want to lose around 50lbs and was wondering what your suggestion would be

    1. I loved turbo fire and when I did it for the first month conistantly and ate right I lost 8lbs in the first month! let me know if you want to order it I would love to help you and be your coach!!! send me an email its gettingnshape@gmail.com : )

    2. I bought 3 jillian michael's dvds for 25 bucks since i didn't have the 120 for turbo fire right now :P but when i get it, i will definitely email you! i haven't worked out in a while, so i figured i should start out with something a bit easier and get myself at least a bit in shape before i take on something like turbo fire

  4. Those push-up jacks are hard! I cry a little inside while doing them...but man do I feel like a warrior when I'm done! :)

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