Monday, April 23, 2012

Weigh in Monday!

Last weeks weight: 169.4
This weeks weigh in: 168.8

Difference of -0.6lbs

A loss is a loss but I wish it was more I didn't burn as many calories as I needed to last week
(obviously) I should start doing something in the morning as well in addition to insanity this week until I start Brazil Butt lift next week. We started week 4 today and I'm excited to see my 30day pics along with my measurements!

How was your weigh in!


  1. Seeing weight loss on the scale in any amount is always better than seeing weight gain! Like in my case. Oh well! Good work :)

  2. Brazil butt lift commercials make it look like a lot of fun... Are you having fun?

  3. Brilliant blog post. You have gained a brand-new fan. Pls keep them coming and I look forward to more of your interesting blog posts. I think it is definitely a good bet. You cannot go wrong with this.

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