Thursday, April 12, 2012

I seriously have no free time!!

Well I guess that isn't 100% accurate  but the free time that I have I am working on fitness stuff like my challenge group or another fb group I made for motivation and accountability : ) I recently started reading this book and haven't even picked that up in a while. I love helping people but sometimes I feel like I'm always on my comp or on my phone so I need to figure out how to post but still have my home life lol

Anyway workouts have been going well Easter weekend was a little rough because saturday mom and I had a girls day after I got out of work we went and ate at pita jungle then got some pedicures went over to jamba juice and got a small drink and 2shots of wheat grass which are amazing btw and came back to my house and watched a movie! It was a really nice day and we don't get to spend too much time together alone so it was nice to have some quality time together.
me and my momma

Our shot of wheat grass! So yummy

 I ended up falling asleep during the movie and hubby came home and woke me up and told me that I needed to get ready for dinner plans that we made with a friend. I honestly didn't want to go I much rather would of have worked out but he wanted to go since this friend doesn't have much time to get togeher with us so off we went. Needless to say eating wasn't that great that night. Along with a skipped workout I wasn't proud of myself but seriously felt like I had 0time that day. Sunday wasn't too bad I had a little bit of candy but threw most of it away. I'm not a big sweets person fried food is my weakness... and it was also rest day with insanity we were going to make up the workout from the day before but the day was so jam packed with running around from family to family by the time we got home it was 930ish and we were pooped.

Monday was a fresh start to a new week. My weigh in was exactly the same as the previous week... Sorry I didn't post it I was enjoying my day off with my hubby : ) We are at day 11 of Insanity and feeling awesome! It's funny how awesome your body feels from intense workouts like this along with the right nutrition we have so much more energy and Insanity is the first program that I haven't dreaded doing. Yah its ridiculously hard but I have never tried so hard to push my body so much. I really want to see some good results from this but am afraid I won't see the scale number change but will lose a lot of inches. Kind of like this

She completed insanity only showed a loss of 2lbs on the scale but lost 20inches
I don't know why the acutal number means so much to me even when I know its not all that matters in weight loss... Do any of you feel this way?

BTW I am almost to 200 followers!!! Once I hit that I will be doing a giveaway for my 200th person and a random follower so spread the word! : ) Only 11 more to go


  1. You look great! I've started Insanity (Completed Day 3 today) and are your results in the above picture form 12 days of Insanity!? If so, can I ask....are you following the eating guide?

  2. The above pic isn't me unfortunatly lol its a girl who completed insanity the scale told her she lost only two pounds in the 60days but she lost a ton of inches! I don't follow the eating guide but I use a bodybugg and track my calories by measureing evrything and using spark peopole : ) my before pic is a couple of posts down I think... r u drinking shakeology?