Saturday, March 31, 2012

Only a couple days!

Till insanity starts! I'm getting kind of nervous but excited at the same time. I went and got some new shoes well I have a freind order me some. She works at a place that sells fitness stuff and got me a discount but these are it
Nike free tri fit 2
They are super cute and super comfy (I tried them on at another store before deciding) I also ordered beachbody's e&e which is a preworkout drink and results and recovery formula which is an after workout drink! So I think I am ready I have it all set along with my shakeology so I better see some good results lol. I really haven't done any activity at all this week except for hiking which still is good but Iknow I could of have been a lot better. I haven't seen any changes in the scale up or down so I guess thats good. My eating has been just fine during the day but at night for dinner we have been going out more then normal. I'm so ready for that to be done with.

How has your eating been lately?
Have you tried any new workouts?


  1. I really need to buy a new pair of runnning shoes. These are so cute!

  2. ^^ Samsies!
    My boyfriend did Insanity 2 summers ago and I did a few of the workouts with him. They are intense, but not too long. They did work you though!