Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anniversary trip summary! (Lots of pics)

So as most you probably know hubby and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary last week! We decided to spend part of the week in sin city (las vegas) and the second half of it in a cabin that we always go to in oak creek canyon. This trip was also the inspiration and push for me to lose the weight and fit into my dress!! We had such an amazing, expensive, and fattening time. I went into the trip with full intentions to eat right and not over do it but honestly that is super hard. I feel kind of embarassed to admit it but I just didn't care what I ate while we were there don't get me wrong I didn't go crazy or anything but seriously there were very few things that you could choose that would be healthy, Now on the other had alcohol was out of control we drank so much all day everyday and I'm sure that contributed to the gain I saw on the scale when I got home.

I am someone that holds onto salt REALLY bad just looking at it makes me gain 2lbs the next day in water weight lol. No but really I do have a hard time with it so eating out is terrible when it comes to me and the scale. I never use salt at home either so that may have something to do with it. Anyway so I am an everyday weigher when I am at home and I write it on the Turbo Fire Calendar I have in the morning after my morning pee. The day we left for vegas was Monday 3/5 I weighed 165.8 that morning so when I got home that Saturday from our trip I decided to get on the scale knowing full well it wouldn't be accurate but just to see and it said... 174.2!!! Almost 10 pounds!! I almost fainted lol now I knew 9lbs in a week is super unrealistic and decided to give it a few days. This morning I saw 169.2 and I'm happy with that number of course I still have progress but I didn't do a TON of damage. It's been hard for me to get back into the swing of things but hubby's dads wedding is 6weeks from this saturday and I think I am going to buy another dress to fit into before then!!

Anyway thanks for sticking with the boring stuff now its time for pics!!!

All pics are clickable ps : )

our first pic in vegas

and the bad eating begins

No make up but yummy drink!

walking through "city center"

after our anniversary dinner

more eating

one of my fave pics of us

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aaannnnd more alcohol

these shorts didn't fit a month ago!

loungin after a night out

heading out to our anniversary dinner

my amazingly handsome husband

the moment you all have been waiting for

at the ice bar

I swear my legs and arms are the same color

we didn't even eat half of that!!!

hubby on our cabin porch looking at the creek

drinking a blue moon on the other porch

on a hike!!

during our hike

drinking some wine and reading a book on the patio

my manly man bringing in the wood

front of our cabin

being cheesy

back of the cabin

huge tree!


toasting glasses from our wedding we have a toast with them each year and also dance to our first dance song

alll in all it was an amazing trip... yes I do regret eating so much crap but I know what I have to do to get back in the right place I'm only 3.4lbs away from prevacation weight and 24.2lbs away from goal I can't wait to reach both markers!!! Thanks for looking at all the pics if you stuck around I'll post later about my plan to lose the weight I gained and to get to goal!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! It looks like you two had a blast :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for joining my blog!! I enjoy yours, too.
    My hubby & I are celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary in May & I think we're going to head to Vegas, too!!