Wednesday, March 30, 2011

weigh in, first 5k, and a new routine

So I guess I got a little ahead of myself with my 10% loss last week when I weighed it said 167.4 which is my 10% mark but then when I actually had my weigh in on sunday it said 168.8. I don't know what happened because I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary but I didn't work out as much as normally would. I had to work late Thursday and Friday and normally both of those days I do a zumba class so I'm not sure if that made a difference or not but it was a little strange. I am thinking of possibly changing my weigh in day because having my weigh in on a Sunday is making me be super careful on weekends, and sometimes I will decline events just to avoid a spike in the scale the next day. I'm not looking to over indulge but I would like to keep my options open to spend time with friends and family. I know that it shouldn't be that way but my body does not do well with any kind of sodium and it holds onto it for a few days. So that always makes me nervous about going out at all. For example I'm bummed because this Saturday I am going to go have sushi with my mom, aunt, and a family friend. Now the sushi I normally choose isn't really unhealthy I don't get anything fried but the next day I can get all the way up to a 2lb increase just from the sodium. Obviously I'm not going to cancel my plans just because of a weigh in but during the week I very rarely go out and having my weigh in on Wednesday seems like it would be better for me. It also would give my body enough time to adjust from any weekend of eating out. Now changing my weigh in Has anyone changed their weigh in with ww before? How does it affect you? Should I just stick with what I'm doing now or should I go for it? I'm open to suggestions.

So I started a new workout plan and added some resistance training I found it through the nest website on the health and fitness message boards

A circuit would have an "A" day and a "B" day. ON week one you would go three times, in an A-B-A pattern. ON week two, you would go three times on a B-A-B pattern. Here's a sample A and B day:


Warm up 5 min recumbent bike. Then go through the circuit 3 times, completing 12-15 reps of the following (unless otherwise noted). Then, do your cardio after your circuit is complete.
Lat pull downs
Dumbbell Press
Shoulder presses
Bench dips
Bar Curls
Walking lunges
Dumbbell leg curls
Standing calf raises
Ball crunches

Warm up 5 min recumbent bike. Then go through the circuit 3 times, completing 12-15 reps of the following (unless otherwise noted), then do your cardio after the circuit is complete.
Incline dumbbell press
Machine Rows
Front/lateral raises (10 each)
Rope push downs
Alternating dumbbell curls
Seated leg curls
Seated calf raises
Crunch machine

So yesterday I did my first a day. It was actually really fun I did miss zumba but I want to get into some kind of routine besides zumba since my work schedule is going to be changing and I may not have as many nights available to where I can make it to zumba at 6:30 but I still have a gym routine to fall back on. So I did the strength training and then got on the treadmill. I have yet to complete a 5k so I decided that tonight would be the night. I got on and started with a 5min warm up and decided I would go for it and start running and see how far I could get. I got to the one mile mark and decided to keep going. I wasn't running to fast probably like 4.5speed and got to about a mile and a half and decided slow it down to a fast walk. I have never ran a full mile in my life without stopping somewhere in the middle of it so I was pretty proud of myself. I walked for a bit then decided to run some more. I put on an episode of south park and ran another full mile!!! It was so much easier having my mind distracted. I got to the end of that second mile and walked the rest of the way and ended up with this.

I couldn't believe it took me so long to complete it! I thought that I was going pretty fast  but I'm not disappointed since it was my first 5k. Now my first goal is to get it to or under 40mins. I definitely need to speed up a bit. I'm doing zumba tonight then back at the gym again tomorrow for my "b" day and another 5k. I'm hoping to at least take 1-2mins off my time and progress from there. I was super sweaty though which was nice. Almost as much as I was from zumba. These workouts are going to take up more of my time though. Normally I do zumba for an hour to an hour and 10mins and the run alone last night took me 48mins. The weights part took almost an hour too since I was getting used to the order of the routine and figuring out where everything was at. 2hours at the gym is not what I want to do. I don't mind being there to do what I need to but I would like to shorten it a bit so the only way is to get better at my runs : ) I honestly wish I could run outside but being in Az that comes with consequences because its so hot here!

Anyway so I got home last night and had about 8pts left. I bought some shrimp to make alfredo with but I wasn't sure if I wanted that or if I wanted some catfish. So I asked him and he wanted me to make some shrimp alfredo so I put some shrimp in a pan and added some garlic powder and some lemon seasonings from mrs. dash and cooked it then made some wheat spaghetti. I steamed some broccoli and mushroom caps and threw it in with the shrimp and pasta and covered it with alfredo sauce. Of course this was all measured out down to the point of making two separate pasta pans. Here is the finished product.
its crazy to me how shrimp is so low in points for how much you eat. 3oz was only 2pts+ the spaghetti was 2pts+ for one oz and the alfedo was 3pts+ for 1/4cup. It doesn't sound like much but it filled me up and I still had one pt left over for dessert, so I had this!
 Sorry it came out kinda blurry. It is a vitatop brownie with sliced strawberries and bananas so yummy! Normally I will have one with a banana and some milk but I liked this much better!

If you are still reading thanks for sticking with me hope I didn't bore you too much and I appreciate any feedback that you can offer!!

P.s. Be on the lookout for two reviews that I will be doing on chobani yogurt and vitatops they are sending me out samples this week can't wait to do the review!!!!


  1. Oh man I loooove zumba!

    If you just drink like twice as much water as you usually would it helps to get some of the salt out. Also, maybe you can use a tape measure and take body measurements in addition to using the scale since it's not always that accurate.

  2. I'd change it.. WW is supposed to help you live your life while losing weight.. and it sounds like you aren't living it the way you want to 100%, so I'd change it..

    And I'd shoot for doing the 5k the day after tomorrow.. you won't be able to run as long tomorrow bc your muscles are still worn out from todays run (or atleast that's what I've been told and had happen).. I'd shoot for running 1 mile or 10 minutes tomorrow and then try to run 5k the next day..