Sunday, April 3, 2011

Changing it up and Progress Pics!!!

This was originally written on Friday Haven't gotten around to posting it:

I am one exhausted lady. I have been to the gym every day so far this week but for sure taking a day off tomorrow. If you have been following you know I have a sushi date tomorrow and I can't wait!!! I decided to go with my gut and change my weigh in day. I think it will work best for me and I will be happier with the results I get. I took measurements and progress pics today. I was going to post my current measurements but I forgot them at work (I'm making a spreadsheet) so I will do it tomorrow.

March Recap:
March was not a good month for me. I have been struggling the last two months to move the scale down. I get it going then I always seem to do something to mess it up. I only lost around 4lbs but it would be up one down two up a few down one. So I didn't make to much progress. April is going to be my month especially since I added in some strength training! Here are a few progress pics

Not to much of adifference

can see it in my waist a little

 I only lost a total of 4.4lbs from feb to april. Honestly I think that's unacceptable and I need to get this show on the road here. I should of been at least down by 8. So I'm ready for an awesome month in April. I wish that I could of been at my goal by my original date of June 1st but I have 26lbs to go and I have two months to do it. It is not a realistic date to lose that much now. On another note I did lose a decent amount of inches 10.75 actually so I guess that makes me feel better. Here is a list of my measurements.

 Feb  April
Chest:   33 Chest: 32
Waist:39.75 Waist 37
Hips: 41 Hips 39.25
Bust:37 Bust 36
L Thigh24.5 L thigh 22.25
R Thigh 23.5 R thigh 22
L Bicep 12.5 L bicep 12.5
 R Bicep13.25 R bicep 12.75

so just for fun here are a few comp pics from May 10 to now

I have lost 26lbs and 24.15inches. I hope this time next year I am in maintenance.


  1. Congrats on your weight loss!

    You're doing really well...keep it up! :)

  2. You are doing great.. If it were easy, we'd all be in maintenance by now.. lol :)

    But seriously, you are looking great, and you can tell a difference in your face too..

  3. WAY TO GO!!! I can definitely tell a difference in your waist since Feb. You're doing such a great job!

  4. You are doing amazing! It is crazy how close out stats are..Of course your weight is less then mine! I am getting there..( :
    You look great!!!

  5. You look great! Progress pics are the best; thanks for sharing them!