Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Awful weekend!

So I have been mia for the past few days life has been one crazy place!!! I may have had the worst eating weekend ever. You may remember a few posts back that I mentioned wanting to get back into doing nails again. Well I have been doing nails on the side for friends and family and last week I had two different people wanting to have them done, tie that along with a new work schedule and my workouts have become no existent. It's so weird skipping almost a week of not working out. I don't like it at all and I'm hoping to get back into this week and if not for sure next week. I have to work till 830 twice this week and then I also have 3 different ppl wanting to get their nails done. The following week though no one is wanting to come get anything done as of now so we will see how that goes. I know these are all excuses but I'm stretched beyond thin right now. I haven't sacrificed my eating at all during the week everything has been good except for the awful weekend mentioned above. Don't get me wrong it was an awesome weekend but we will see what happens tomorrow at weigh in. So Friday I had my bros gf come get her nails done for prom. So I had not only mine but 4other mouths to feed so we decided to go with something easy and order pizza. Now I know I didn't have to have any since I was eating at home but it was just to easy to pass up with the time constraints I had. Then Saturday for dinner my hubs took me on a surprise date out to this cute Mexican food place. He asked if I would mind since it would be out of point range and of course I said yes. I don't want counting points to interfere with date nights with my husband. So we had chips and salsa, a margarita of course, I had chicken enchiladas, and we finished it with fried ice cream!! SUPER BAD choices but I'm 100% ok with it but I definitely paid for it the next day. I haven't ate like that in a while and when your body gets used to eating clean fresh foods and you add that to it, it doesn't go well. So the next day I recouped with a lot of water to get the sodium flushed and I was also really tired the whole day, not sure if that was tied to it or not but it was nice to catch up. Then for dinner that night the father in law had us over for a bbq. I don't think I did too bad there it was bbq ribs, pasta salad, but a lot of wine. I also brought the dessert. I made fudge from ww.

I haven't seen too much of a difference on the scale so far but only time will tell. Tomorrow is my official weigh in. I'm not expecting a loss but hoping for at least a maintain. I really miss working out and I just need to get back in it!!! How was everyone's weekend???

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