Thursday, April 28, 2011

Catching up!

So I think its been about a week or so since I last posted. I don't know why, like I always say I'm here reading every day but just not much to write about. I had a weigh in on Wednesday and honestly I thought I was going to bomb it with the way my dinners have been lately, but I was down to 167.8 and this morning I weighed in at 167.2! Which once again puts me below my second goal of losing 10% I'm not going to count it the second weigh in until its a for sure thing next Wednesday on weigh in day, but it's nice to see the scale moving in the right direction again. I feel like in a way I kinda shocked my body by changing my calorie intake. I haven't been following ww completely 100% for about a week now. I would count my points used during the day but once dinner came I would pretty much eat whatever and however much I wanted. I did notice that if we did go to a restaurant that I would still make healthy choices unlike what I would do before. I never did eat from fast food though. I'm kind of over fast food in all reality. But now that I am back to being on plan by body is back to losing mode thank god.

My goal for April was to get under 165 and I don't think that's honestly going to happen. I'm really close but I really blew it this month. I got into a funk once my work schedule changed then getting put on jury duty (which I love btw) but now I am finally getting back in the groove. My jury duty is always out by 430 so I have been going to zumba and eating right since I can take my lunch. I have given up on being lazy for dinners and started cooking again. The last two nights I have tried new recipes and have loved them. Everything I have made out of the ww cookbook so far has been delicious!!! I have gone to zumba the past two nights but taking a break tonight to see some family. Then Friday I am going to a wedding where I am sure there will be plenty of dancing, then Saturday I am going to a Zumba toning class.

I felt like I was getting complacent with where I was at in my current weight. I thought I looked ok, obviously not where I wanted to be since I have another 25lbs to go but I was semi happy with where I was. Things fit well and I got noticed again and the words hot and sexy had been coming out of my husbands mouth a lot more frequently. Then on Easter Sunday, I saw a lot of family that I haven't seen since Christmas and I have lost about 18lbs since Christmas so it shows. Everyone's reaction seemed to be "wow you have lost a lot of weight you look good, great, awesome," a bunch of different things. It always makes me a feel a little awkward when ppl notice I have lost weight. I don't really know what to say besides thank you. It makes me feel uncomfortable in a way especially when it comes from someone overweight or who has failed at weight loss previously. It also sometimes makes me thing I looked really ugly before when I was heavier with peoples shocked reactions. Does anyone ever feel this way when people notice their weight loss? Don't get me wrong I love that people notice and that's what has fueled the fire in me to get back into it. I haven't seen these ppl in a while and I have lost about 18lbs and they all notice if I can get to goal by the next time I see them what will they think then??? Obviously I am not doing this for other people but I was getting discouraged by not seeing the evil scale move in the right direction, but these people made everything so clear to me. Yah its been a few weeks since I had seen a loss, yah I may not be where I thought I was going to be at this point, but I have come a long way in a few months. Almost 20lbs down since December that may be slow but I have kept it off and I have worked hard to get to where I am now. I am at my half way point and the only place to go from here is down. My goal is within a reachable distance and I can't wait to get there!


  1. Hey girl,

    I am with you on getting complacent with the weight I've lost so far. I've noticed (this time around and previous attempts to lose weight) that whenever I seem to lose enough weight for people to notice, I get comfortable and the weight loss slows down, I start cheating more, counting points less etc. Just keep that end goal in mind :)

    And I totally know what you mean about feeling awkward when people make comments about your weight loss. Since I have start this blog (and the job I am currently at) I have lost about 11lbs. I am only 5ft tall, so that's a noticeable amount of weight on such a little person. Well, almost every week my boss exclaims "My god you have lost so much weight! What are you at now!?!" And it's sooooo embarrassing. It's even more embarrassing the weeks she makes SUCH a fuss about it and I haven't lost a damn pound - which lately has certainly been the case and since I went to Vegas 2 weeks ago, I have put on weight.

    Anyways, you are not alone. I am sure many of us "dieters" feel the same as you.

    Keep up the great work! You look great - and NO you were not ugly before :)

    ♥•.* R A C H E L L E *.•♥

  2. Thanks for the comment!! Its funny what you said about the comment on you lost weight when you really haven't people do that to me too and I haven't lost anything since I last saw them lol

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