Monday, April 4, 2011

First goal reached and a new title!!!

So I just set my April goals a couple of days ago and I can already check one off the list! I ran a 5k under 45mins. Make that under 40mins!!! I ran on Sunday night after my strength training workout and it felt awesome. I put on an episode of south park (I started at season one and making my way to current season) I set the speed to 5mph and went for it. I got to the one mile mark and started to feel a little tired but I just took some deep breaths and took my mind off of it. I noticed that I only had about 15mins left in the show and I wanted to be able to finish it so I just kept going without thinking about it. The show ended and I was at the two mile mark so exciting. That's when I finally gave out though. I go to about a mile and a half and was still under 40mins. The last time I did my 5k I finished around 48 and was determined to finish before that. So I kicked it up to 5.5mph and finished it out at 39mins!!! I went to go take a pic and I hit stop on the treadmill on accident and it cleared it off! I was so incredibly disappointed but that means I just gotta do it again I'm going to try for it Thursday!

I went to an awesome Zumba tonight but I'm so bummed I will not be able to go next Monday since I have to work. I may have jury duty next Tuesday but I'm hoping that they dismiss my group so I don't have to go. The only thing about zumba that bothers me is I get so incredibly sweaty it looks like I peed myself!
This pic for example looks like I wet myself lol but it was an awesome workout. Oh! this outfit is brand new it's a medium shirt and a size small pant. they were a little sung but definitely more comfortable  and not falling off the whole time which drives me crazy!!
excuse my weird hairdo lol
I decided to change up the name of this blog and make it from before 2 after. A journey through ww. I think it has a nice ring to it let me know what you think!!! Also my friend Diana just joined the fitness blog world!! Visit her Here!!!! I know everyone is awesome about making new bloggers welcome so show her some love!!!

I should be getting my products from chobani and vitatops to review this week so looking forward to that. Also I will be trying to new desserts so be on the lookout for their reviews too!!


  1. haha i look that same after zumba!! thx for the shout out!!! ;)