Friday, March 25, 2011

New Foods

I have been trying some new foods lately to sort of spice up my diet. I ordered the ww cookbook and have tried a few recipes from there and so far they have all been good. I have made potato soup, vegetable barley soup, meatloaf and their fresh vegetable soup. Adding in new foods makes things so much more interesting and using a recipe gives me quite a bit of leftovers for lunch the next day. Usually I always just eat the same things since the points fit but adding in new recipes has been great. Everything is so easy to make and tastes so great. I also have come across vitatops. Those things are amazing!! I started eating them based off reviews on other blogs and they are the best things! I got some chocolate ones and also banana nut ones. The only down fall was that I was eating two a day and since they have so much fiber they made me gassy and a little bloated (tmi I know). I have replaced my nightly sugary desert with the chocolate muffin top type things. Has anyone tried them? If so what is your favorite?

Another new meal that I really like is a blt I know most ppl know what that is but I use two pieces of turkey bacon, put it on top of sandwich thins, with ww sliced cheese and a teaspoon of mayo and some baby spinach. Then I eat cherry tomatoes on the side. Love it!!!

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