Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New outfits

So I got some new clothes that I ordered off of Walmarts website. Every once in a while I will check out their site and see what they have for cheap or on clearance. I found a few cute items so I decided to order them. Now I hate the thought of buying clothes that I know will not fit me in a few months so what I did was order some clothes that most likely wouldn't fit me now but will in a month or two. I at least tried everything on and was suprised at some of the results. I ordered 2 pairs of jeans one shirt and two dresses and the only thing that would look good now is one of the dresses. I put up some pics of what they look like. Some I look ridiculous in but that's ok I can't wait to take pics again when it all fits : )

So this dress is my fave. When I put it on I thought it was a size medium and I was happy about that cuz it doesn't look to bad especially if I go sans undies : ) So I went tanning and I took this off and looked at the tag because it was really scratching me and noticed it said Size S 3/5!!! I couldn't believe it. Me looking semi decent in a small get the f out! But you can tell from the pics it does need some work especially the back side but I'm perfectly fine with that!!
This shirt was a surprise I actually thought it would fit and was planning on wearing it to zumba tonight. But my arms on the other hand had something else in mind. As you can see from these awful pics the shirt wasn't anywhere near fitting me. If my arms were smaller it would of been ok that's all that held it back : ( Motivation though! I really love this shirt so I can't wait to wear it and it look cute!ps sorry for the undies shot!
Now these next pair of pants confused me a little bit. They are a size 11 which most of my pants are now and they were pretty tight. I had to do the robot to get them to come up to my waist it felt like the zipper was stuck but it wouldn't go down anymore.. I got them to button obviously but it doesn't paint a pretty pic. It makes my belly button look like a crater!  I'm not someone who wears pants that button but give me muffin top though cuz I am highly embarrassed about being over weight and I don't want to make it anymore obvious. As you can see from the side these pants have some time before I fit in them nicely hopefully only another 5lbs.
So I ordered this pair knowing it wouldn't fit me yet but when I slid them up I got a little excited because they didn't give me any problems but when it came to buttoning them insta muffin top. I was confused because these are a smaller size then the pair above but gave me less issues. Why do jeans have to be so confusing and different when it comes to how they are made. Why can't a juniors 11 be the same no matter what store you go to lol.

Sorry for the weight stamp in all my pics but I want to rememeber where I was at when these were taken and I may not always blog so it's good to have for reference. Now speaking of the weight stamp that brings me to my next announcement!
This morning when I weighed in I hit my 10% loss mark with weight watchers! Now it's not my official weigh in day but I'm confident it won't change. I have workouts planned for everyday and no eating temptations coming up. I also decided I needed to start doing more stuff besides just cardio so I am starting with hip hop abs. Which yes is cardio but it's also helping me strengthen my core. Which might I add is incredibly weak. I went to get a massage and she wanted me to sit up to put stones under my back and when I layed back down I started shaking because my core was so weak. May I add that was embarrassing!! Anyway so hip hop abs: I love it Shaun T is funny, cute and keeps me entertained and makes the time go by fast. Phase one is a little on the slow side for me but I'm going to stick with it and see if I can get any results out of it then hopefully add in some strength training.

Thanks for reading this super long post!! I'll be taking pics again with those outfits once I hit 160 and see if we can see a difference!!

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  1. I absolutely love buying cheap clothes that don't quite fit...because when they do it is the BEST feeling! A few of those look like they're so close to fitting, congrats!