Tuesday, March 15, 2011

things seem slow...

around the blogger world. I went through and did some clean up and stopped following a lot of blogs that either didn't interest me anymore or they were not posting very much. That has led to a lot less to read on here but it makes it boring at the same time. Oh well. Anyway The past couple of days have been good. I saw 169.4 on the scale this morning so I'm pretty excited about that got back to my pre vacation weight in less then a week!! I went to the doctor yesterday and he weighed me and asked what my goal was. I told him between 135-145 that I would look at myself at the 145 mark and make a decision from there. I want to have confidence in myself but not be stick thin at the same time. He told me that he would be happy with me only losing 5 more lbs!! That's crazy I thought to myself um no probably not but just listened to what he said. "normal" weight for my height starts at 154 and that's the highest weight. So I think 145 would be a good number. Ideally I want to look pretty in a bathing suit, I want to be in single digit pants, and I want to have my picture taken and not have to worry about what the result on the other side will be. I guess all of my reasons are superficial but I'm ok with that. I want to be healthy and have confidence and a lower weight will get me both of those.

Random question I'm 23 and I still shop in the "juniors" section. I went shopping for new work pants since my other pairs were practically falling off and giving me ugly saggy looking butt I was in 15's in juniors and I fit into 11's! I was really happy about that. They are a tiny bit snug but I would rather have a semi tight fit then an unflattering saggy butt fit. I'm not a fan of muffin top and I don't have it with these pants unless I'm wearing a tight shirt I have a baby amount sitting on top. Anyway back to my question. At what point do you make the transition from the junior section to the womens section? Or is it ok to always shop in the juniors area?? I know it's dumb I'm just curious. What area do you shop in? If still the juniors section will you ever switch to womens or do you want to stay in shape to always fit in the juniors?

Last night I was so excited to go to Zumba it is the night where I have the really good teacher so I was really looking forward to it pretty much the whole week. Then I walked in and saw the instructor from the Thursday night class!! I was so bummed!! So I figured I'm already there so I will give it a shot but last time I was not impressed. we did the warm up and it was so incredibly slow. When I go to zumba I want to get pumped up and get my heart rate up and I loved fast pace songs and dances. I had my hr monitor on and I checked it after the first two songs and it was at 90. Which is ridiculous. I wear it to the other classes and I'm normally in the 120-130 range at least by that point. I don't mean to be rude it's just upsetting. I'm not one to make a complaint to their boss but do you think it would be beneficial to the class at all? Hope everyone is having a good day!!!

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  1. Hey Girl,

    Nice job getting back down below vaca weight...I always find it so hard coming back from vacation and getting back into my usual routine.

    As a follower of my blog, I wanted to let you know about a give-away that I am having on my blog that I would love to have you join in on :)Check it out at www.the-weights-over.blogspot.com.

    Keep up the good work!