Monday, October 4, 2010

It's been so long!!

I think I may be the worst blogger lol I apologize to all my readers sometimes I just can't find the time to write and when I do have time to write I don't really have much to say. My life is so busy I work, come home, workout, make dinner and ater that its normally around 9:30 or later and I sit down with hubby to watch a couple of shows. On my days off I run errands and have school both evenings so I'm seriously always busy. This past weekend I had a mini fall off the wagon, our friends got married this past weekend and my hubby was the best man so friday night was the rehersal dinner and it was mexican food. I felt that I made good choices with what was given to me and didn't over eat and only had one cocktail. I got on the scale Saturday morning just to see where I was at for the week and it read 184.8! That was super awesome that is the lowest number I have seen since my journey started. Saturday also wasn't super bad for eating until later in the night. I had scrambled egg whites and fruit for breakfast and nothing for lunch since it was crazt around my house for the wedding stuff.
Here is me the night of the wedding
Me and the hubs
 Dinner was once again mexican food at the wedding and I ate pretty good probably could of done without the guac but I love it <3 We danced our buts off at the reception so I was pretty hungry when it was over. Normally I would just drink some water and go to bed but some friends wanted to go to the yardhouse for drinks and appetizers. I had a small bowl of chicken tortilla soup which is my fave and hubby and I shared classic sliders. He ate one and I had 3 so needless to say I over indulged a bit at that point and felt pretty bad about it after I just kept imagining the scale and what it would say the next day. So the next day comes and I get on the scale and it says 186.6 which is what it has been saying for the past week almost everyday so I don't know if the 184 was a fluke or if I was bloated from restaurant food and it was up a bit who knows. So yesterday hubby and I were off together and went and had subway for lunch. I ordered the flat bread sandwich but they are always out of it when I want it. It's so frustrating lol. So I got a 6inch honey oat club. It was super delicious and I had water with it. We didn't eat anything else until that night. My hubby went to dinner with my dad and uncle and I went to dinner with my mom and aunt. Every month we have a girls night out with sushi and that was last night. It was so amazing I love sushi so much. I once again only had one cocktail and definitely no soda. I haven't had soda since May crazy huh! Then afterward we walked around the complex we were at and looked at the shops and ended up having frozen yogurt my other weakness! It was delicious I probably could of have done without it but I'm not going to miss out on the simple things with my family just to worry about gaining .5lbs or less. All in all  it was a great weekend but I did way too much eating out so hubby and I are going to try to go a full week without any restaurant food. Weekdays are not hard for us but weekends friends always want to go out but we are going to try to go with healthy alternatives. So how was your weekend??


    1. We also went to a wedding this weekend. And my eating wasn't the greatest, but was definitely the best weekend I've had in a few weeks.

      Love me some sushi! We'll go out with our friends every so often and have a blast!

      Super cute dress!

    2. You are so pretty! You looked stunning. Great pics :)

    3. It was definitely the salt from the food. I always have a gain after eating out and then it goes back down after a few days.

      Great job giving up soda. I have a friend that drinks up to 4 a day!

      Pretty dress.

      Visiting from Fat to Fit

    4. You look great! Love the dress!

    5. Sometimes when there is stuff on, you just have to go with it. I agree with the others. You are looking great. Love that dress.