Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goals for Ocotber...

I know I'm a few days late and I have never put up monthly goals but I'm going to try to do it and complete them.
1. Get into the 170's by October 31st that's about 7lbs totally doable
2. Take my beachbody slimming formula with each meal and my multi vitamin everyday
3. Only have 1 rest day per week
4. Drink 100+ ounces of water a day. Already do but want to keep the habit
5. Only go out to eat once a week or less and only drink alcohol once a week or less.
6. Start c25k
They seem pretty easy and attainable we will see what happens!!


    1. They sound pretty good! Good luck!

    2. just started p90x, ur an inspiration!

    3. Keep it up sweetie! They're down in writing now, and thats the first step ;)

    4. Those all sound great to me! You can do it! :)