Friday, October 15, 2010

Another regular day...

Nothing really exciting has been happening lately I did my weight and measure for my 60days in my plan and so far I have lost around 11inches and 12.4lbs. I got on the scale this morning even though I wasn't supposed to but when I see it there it's calling my name!! When I stepped on it and saw 183 I was shocked it's funny what following an eating plan with no cheat days and working out the days your supposed to without skipping will do for you!! I still have another 30days of power 90. I went back and have counted how many days I have skipped through the last 60days, I have a calendar to keep track and I have skipped 13days thats 21% of my workout!!! So I'm going to add 13more workouts at the end of the full 90days so I really do what I'm supposed to do and get the right results, then I'm going to be doing Slim in 6 also offered from Beachbody.

At my work they had an employee appreciation day and gave us tshirts to wear. On the day they handed them out I was off so when I came back my only options were size small or large. That made me a little nervous since the larges are pretty huge but I didn't think a small would do either but I took them both to see what happens. So I got up and put on the small and it fit!! I haven't worn a size small anything in forever! Here is a pic.
I'm not angry I promise :-)
 Pretty good huh! lol I feel like I'm tooting my own horn but it was an awesome nsv!!! But here comes the weekend the time when I always seem to fall off the workout and eating good bandwagon. Wish me luck this weekend and I hope all my readers have an awesome, exercise, good eating, fun filled weekend!!!