Thursday, September 15, 2011

well I went to my dr yesterday and he said that all of my tests came back normal and that I am pretty much approved to do whatever I want. So that means I'm heading back to the gym!!!! It will be hard at first to get my motivation back since it's been almost a month but I know it will help. Then this morning I wake up with a head cold. A really bad one. So I stayed home from school today to try to rest up and knock this thing out. I have still stuck with my points to make sure I get them all in even though I am not hungry at all. I have watched a few movies and so far it has been pretty relaxing.... I want to add in some strength training thinking of maybe doing nrolfw or maybe something else anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Im happy to see everything came back ok! Now its gym time :) You will have fun try taking a zumba class or something. I cant really help with any good strength trainings try typing it in on google im sure people have blogged about the best strength training. Hope your cold goes away soon and you have loads of fun in the gym. ttyl