Sunday, September 18, 2011

weigh in!


Weighed in this morning 168.0
Down 1lb from last week!

Today will be my first day back to the gym finally!!! I'm going to every day this week alternating cardio and weights except for today and tomorrrow since I doing running on the treadmill tonight and zumba tomorrow. I did fairly well with my points this week.  I only ate off plan twice for dinner. Since both hubby and I were sick we were not in the mood to cook so we ordered a chicken supreme pizza and had some sprite. Then the next night we didn't have any food so we went to the grocery store. He wanted cereal for dinner so he got some captain crunch all berries and I got some sushi. Well the sushi was gross so I had some of the cereal and didn't track it.

This week I'm going to stick to plan 100% and try my best not to use any weeklies and see how much I can lose when I put that together with working out. Hubby and I are on a strict budget since I am working part time so going out to eat isn't really an option. Last night we both felt so lazy since we worked all day and almost went out but he went with cereal again and I had a blt with mac and cheese shirataki so yum!!!!!

I'm going to start trying one new hungry girl recipe a week as well. I love her recipes so much they are so easy to make, and a lot of times I have the ingredients or she uses fairly inexpensive ones. Also each recipe has the points+ amount with them!!! Do any of you have a fave hungry girl recipe??


  1. is an amazing site as well for recipes with weight watchers points!

  2. Hope you will reach your goal, but are you sure you choose the right diet plan for you!