Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm ready!

So it's time to get back in the habit of daily blogging. I don't know why I am so lazy but I am revamping my life. No more sitting around at home when things need to be clean no more putting off stuff to the last min and no more being lazy when it comes to cooking dinner. I owe it to myself and my heart to live a better more active lifestyle! I am hoping that on Tuesday at my dr.apt they clear meto where I can get back into working out. I'm still striving for a 10lb loss by vegas next month (the 15th) and another 5-10lost by thanksgiving.

A few different things have been motivating me more then ever lately and make me want to take the plan as seriously as I used to. Hubby has been killing it with his fitness goal he is getting pretty muscular and has been staying consistant with his workout routine when it was like pulling teeth to get him there before.
The second thing is, his brother found out how much he is gaining and inspired him to lose weight since he has put on about 30lbs of fat. I haven't seen his brother since before I started any of my losing weight so I would like to be at goal before he comes home from Christmas and that would put me at 50lbs lost!!! Also of course I want to do it for myself. I went to the goodwill the other day and bought some clothes in a smaller size and they are super cute!! Some even have the original tags! I really want to fit into them so that is another motivator.

I have been watching the hungry girl show on food network and she has a ton of good ideas! Nice thing is if you like a recipe she makes she puts the full recipe on the site along with the p+ amount. She always talks about these noodles on her show
they are shirataki tofu noodles they are only 1pt for the whole bag or 0 for half. They taste exactly like normal pasta but have a bit of a different consistency but I still love them!!! They satisfy my pasta craving big time and are awesome when you add any kind of protein to them! they are normally like 1-2 bucks a bag. Anyway I would highly recommend them for anyone who is into carbs!!! (who isn't) do you have any new food finds that you are lovin that are low point options??? Have you guys been watching the hungry girl show???

*I was not contacted by the company at all to do a review this is purely on my own doing

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  1. Oh God, I *hate* those noodles!!! I read about them on the hungry girl website, and I was so excited to try them because we eat A LOT of pasta...but the texture and smell just kill me. Its like having worms in my mouth. I'm glad you like them though, because they would obviously cut calorie and carb intake waaaay down.