Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's workout time!!!!

well I have been at the gym every day since Sunday switching back and forth of cardio and weight lifting. I did double workouts today. I want to start doing two a days everyday up until vegas to get down my 10-15lbs. 10would be awesome and I would love 15 of course, but I also want to do this the healthy way and not lose too much too quickly. I got a subscription to the prevention magazine app on my iphone that shows you a bunch of different workout routines and I did the ab/bust the cellulite routine tonight. It wasn't too difficult but we will see how I feel in the morning.

I already made my hungry girl recipe of the week. I actullay have made two of them.
I made her mini taco salads
3pts+ for 2
and I also made her "lord of the onion rings" I forgot to take a pic of them. They came out good if you like onion rings but a little bit on the higher point side if you eat the whole thing.
Tonight we had chicken teriyaki with brown rice and broccoli for 7pts+ it was so delicious!!! I love coming up with random ideas with things we have in the house and things I normally wouldn't think of and they come out so yummy.

I saw on kenlies blog the other day about using the recipe builder for meals that you eat because it factors in the calorie amount for veggies and fruits and actually can change the points+ amount and I have noticed a differnce in the scale this week with following that method. You still count fruits and veggies when eating them by themselves but when making a recipe with them always throw them in. I think she got the info from a ww meeting. It's nice to get tips from people that go to meetings since you don't get as much info as being online.

Tomorrow I'll be doing some cardio in the mid morning then some weight lifting again tomorrow night along with about 15mins on the elliptical. I have the nrolfw book that I am going to start reading and get a plan going so I'm looking forward to that. It's nice to have the fire back and treating this like I did in the beginning and that got me down 25lbs! I only have 25more to go until I hit my end tentative goal and I don't see that being too far away!!

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