Thursday, December 15, 2011

loving turbo fire

so I have been loving turbo fire! The workouts are so fun so fast paced and kick my butt every time!!! I have been making my you tube videos still and you can view them and subscribe over to the left! Eating has gone well for me counting calories has been pretty simple using spark people. I never feel overly hungry and it is a lot easier for me to stay on track! I am about half away through week 2 and I have noticed some good results so far. I had a pair of skinny jeans that were pretty tight on my waist and now I can slide them off/on without unbuttoning them. I was actually wearing them yesterday while I was cleaning at my moms house and they kept sliding down so I wanted to use one of her belts and they were too small for me : ( that was a little saddening so I got my dads and he was like oh this should wrap around you twice (in a joking way) and it fit perfectly lol so I'm looking forward to when my moms belt fits me well lol

Last night I did eat off plan a bit and had a drink and didn't feel guilty about it and enjoyed it and normally when I did that I would feel guilty and mad at myself so I think that alone is progress!!!

Have any of you tried turbo fire or any other beachbody program?


  1. I am really close to trying out turbo fire! Since it is so cold outside I don't want to go on my walks at night!

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