Thursday, December 8, 2011

5 day inferno results!

So I finished the five day inferno with awesome results and now am onto day four of the actual plan. I lost 4.4lbs in the first 5days and a total of 4inches all over. I love the plan so much it is so fun and the workouts go by super fast and I burn so many calories in it. I am liking calorie counting so much more then counting points right now. It's working better for me and I see a difference daily and it has made me really pay attention to what I am eating and make better choices after seeing how many calories I have used and how many I have left for the day. I have pretty much only been drinking water and I will make iced tea with tea bags which I love I never used to drink it and it tastes super yummy! I haven't been tempted or felt the desire to go out to eat at all when normally I wanted to at least once a week i don't know if it's because I have been keeping myself from getting super hungry by eating more filling snacks or if its just from seeing results and eating healthy and not eating a lot of packaged foods and not wanting to mess it up. I tell you one thing though, it really helps on the pocket book to be eating at home more. The other day I was pretty hungry and didn't really know what I wanted to eat and so I actually went into the cabinets and found something to make instead of just saying forget it and getting a pizza so that was huge for me. I have read about the changes that ww made and it sounds kind of confusing and I don't like how you decide how many points to use and add more or less whether you are gaining or losing I want something that tells me what to do. Not saying anything bad about it I just don't think it would be ideal for me at this point in my weightloss journey. I'm looking forward to what the scale will show me on Monday when I do my weight in I have seen some good progress this week so far!

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