Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week Two day 2!!!

Today was my second round of Cardio X and it was extreme. This time I could do everything and almost the full amount but the drea roll I still can't get the hang of that. I am more sore this week after wards then last week but worked a lot harder and was practically dripping in sweat. It was nice to have a rest day on Sunday we definitely needed it but didn't get a chance to run it would of have been around 11 if we did and my brothers wanted to stay the night as well. On Monday it was core synergistics I tried doing it on a hungry belly and the intensity made me almost vomit I was so happy when it was over. Tomorrow is shoulders and chest looking forward to working out with the hubby again. Our first two days are different but the rest of the week is the same. I'm for sure not looking forward to yoga that was the hardest thing but kenpo is definitely my fave.

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